Do we need to send save the dates?

Do we need to send save the dates?

Save the dates are a fairly new addition to the wedding scene, although they have so quickly become part of the etiquette of the day they are often included in essential wedding checklists. If you’ve been wondering why you’re essentially sending out a pre-invitation, invitation, you’re not alone.

For couples on a tight budget or those who are trying to strip away formality and fuss it can feel like invitation overkill. Like every aspect of your wedding day, there is no one size fits all approach but there are some situations where it makes good sense to give your guests a little extra time to plan for the day. Here are a few key questions to consider if you’re trying to decide whether you need to save the date.

send save the dates

Where is your wedding?

If you’re holding your wedding both close to home and to the area your guests live it may be possible to forego Save The Dates. If, on the other hand, you’re getting married on a tropical island then you should give your guests as much notice to scrimp, save and organise as possible. Destination weddings are becoming increasingly popular as our festival style 3-day affairs. Use common sense to determine how much impact your wedding could have on your guest’s schedule and if it will require time off work or a trip far away, give them a heads up.
send save the dates

When is Your Wedding?

The average length of engagement is 14 months, but there is really no such thing as a standard engagement period. Some couples are keen to get the ceremony fixed in as soon as possible while others need months or years to create their ideal day. Save the dates are usually sent out between 6 to 8 months pre-wedding, so if your plans mean your wedding is going to take place sooner then it’s probably not practical or necessary to send out save the dates. Another important factor in scheduling your wedding is to consider just when in the week and in the year, it’s taking place. If it’s happening on a usual work day, over peak holiday season or on a bank holiday it’s helpful to give your guests chance to arrange their diary or book in days off work.

Who is coming?

A general thumb is that bijou weddings of 50 guests or under are less likely to require a save the date. If the guests are all close family and friends, chances are they will be aware of the day and have cleared the space in their calendar as soon as you have the venue tied down. If you’re inviting a larger number of guests, those from further away or even out of the country, save the dates are a useful courtesy to allow them more time to ensure they can get to you.

send save the dates

Confetti Designs

Do you want to send save the dates?

All the practical considerations in the world can fly straight out of the window if you have seen some incredibly gorgeous save the date cards that you can’t live without. Like choosing your colour scheme or the music for your first dance, this comes down to personal preference. If you do choose to make this part of your wedding prep than there are a huge number of ways to go about it. From magnets to personalised pencils, you can make your save the dates fun, personal, and budget friendly. They absolutely don’t have to match with your scheme and they can be a lovely way to generate an initial buzz amongst your family friends. Details can be pretty basic at this stage including, clearly, the date and the names of the attendees you would like to be there. Beware though, once your save the dates are issued there is no going back or shifting around your guesting decisions. This is setting your guest list in stone at an early stage so proceed with caution.

send save the dates

Still not sure whether you’re a save the dater? Electronic save the dates can be a great halfway house if you aren’t sure whether you want to go to the trouble or expense of sending out physical reminders. With a little ingenuity and IT smarts, you can create a pretty email that ensures everyone holds your date in their diary.


15 fun ways to tell the world you’re engaged

15 fun ways to tell the world you’re engaged

15 ways to announce-your engagement

The big question has been popped, you’ve got a sparkly new rock on your finger and now it’s time to tell the world. Here are 15 ways to do it that range from traditional to seriously social and modern:

Go with tradition

Take a traditional couple’s engagement photo. Over the years, you’ve probably seen people announce their big news this way and all it takes is snapping a great shot of you and your new fiance and sending it out on social media – or having it printed and send by snail mail. If you want truly memorable shots, rather than a happy snap taken on your phone, hire a professional wedding photographer who can put togther an engagement shoot that reflects who you both are.

engagementring selfie

Image: agentykyriss via Instagram

Get a shot of the rock

Another popular way to announce your engagement is to take a simple shot of both your hands with the ring in focus like the image above or to shoot a close-up photo of the ring, with you and your fiance out of focus and in the background.

Show off your love

If you and your new fiance have been writing one another love letters (or, should that be emails and texts), grab them (or printouts and screenshots), read them out aloud to each other and snap pictures of your new fiance’s reaction as you do it.

Surprise engagement

Sneak attack

This one has to be planned ahead of time, so gents (and ladies), before you propose, organise for a friend or, better yet, a professional photographer to be nearby to capture the first reaction shot as she says yes.

Surprise (cocktail) party

Plan a happy hour get together with all of your friends and, once everyone arrives, announce the news in person. Getting to see all of their faces will be priceless.

awesome engagement photos

Image: Pinterest

Be crazy creative

Whether you search for ideas on Pinterest, or you’re an uber creative couple that loves to try new things when it comes to designs and colours, do your thing, whatever that may be, snap a photo and share away. The photo above may be a little too risque for some couples, but it’s about creating something fun that reflects your relationship.

Or, go for a little pun-tastic fun

One of the few times in life you’ll get away with being seriously corny is when you’re engaged. Consider creating a great pun surrounding your announcement. So, for example, if you get engaged in Autumn, find yourself an apple tree and hold up a hand-written sign that says, “I pick you!” #CornyButCute

Engagement ring beach proposal

Add some sand

If you live near the beach or are taking a trip together where there’ll be sand, make your announcement there. Create the words “I said yes!” out of sand or bits and pieces you find on the shore, such as shells and driftwood.

Create a heart-felt message

Whether you use overlapped thumb prints or hands to create a heart, your love will shine through as will your message if you include the ring in your picture or words such as ‘we’re engaged!’

Grab a coffee – or champagne!

Grab your coffee mugs or champagne flutes and adorn them with the words Mr. and Mrs. That’ll send a signal to anyone seeing it… loud and clear!

Photoshop engagement photo

Image: karidee00 via Instagram

Get your Photoshop skills on

If you’re handy with Adobe’s image manipulation software, do something fun such as creating an iconic movie poster that stars you and your new fiance’s images. If that’s a little too complicated, something like the image above, which is fun, but relatively simple will do just as well.

Shoot a video

Even if it’s just a quick 15-second Instagram video or something fun on SnapChat, create a video announcement. For friends and family who may not see the video on Insta or SnapChat, you can always download it and put it up on a wedding website or just email them the video directly.

Love engagement ring photo

Grabsomethingblueandsayido via Tumblr

‘I do’ (love engagement ring shoots)

These simple, wooden tiles create such a beautiful dichotomy from your gorgeous, sparkly ring. Whatever message you wish to spell out, make sure it include one “O” and replace that with the ring. ‘I do’ works, too.

Paint the town red (or whatever colour you like)

Grab some chalk and fill the ground with colorful messages of love and endearments. Stand behind your drawing and have a friend capture the image. If you don’t want to be quite so forthright in your declarations of love, you could go with the old he-asked-and-she-said-yes wording.

Announce it in the newspaper

Other than telling friends and family in person, another very traditional means of announcing the news is in the local newspaper. Many people, including Sherlock Holmes star Benedict Cumberbatch, still adhere to this tradition and, frankly, it’s really lovely!


10 signs that you’ve found ‘the one’

10 signs that you’ve found ‘the one’

Everyone dreams of finding the perfect match. The person you will marry and that you hope you will grow old with. In short, they are ‘The One’. So how exactly do you know when you have met them? Will there be fireworks and a choir of angels? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean that there are not some signs that you will notice. We’ve put together our top ten signs that will help you to tell if they are ‘The One’.

You can just… hang out! 

the one

Amanda and Richard’d stunning wedding.

Finding the one you are destined to be with for life means more than just having a romantic or a sexual relationship. You also need to be friends. You should be able to enjoy time spent just hanging out together, just like you would with your BFF! Whether it’s Netflix or just simply drinking tea, you need to be able to just hang out!

You’ve got chemistry

how to know you found the oneIf he is truly ‘The One’ for you then you will have excellent sexual chemistry. We all go through peaks and lows when it comes to sex, but overall it is important that you have similar sex drives and that your needs are compatible with one another.


You trust them completely

the one

Sarah and Rob’s stunning wedding.

If you can trust each other completely without jealousy rearing its ugly head then there is a good chance that they are ‘The One’. When you see another person make eyes at him you don’t need to get jealous because you know that they love you and vice-versa.

It’s hard to imagine a life without them

the one

Sarah and Rob’s wedding, see more here.

Life is unpredictable at times. Sometimes we are forced to change jobs, move across the country or encounter all manner of personal upheavals. If you cannot imagine doing any of those things without them by your side then it is likely that you have found your soul mate. Whatever life throws at you, you are going to face it together!

You are part of the family


Emma and Adam’s wedding here.

Family is important and if you get married you are joining two families together. It is important that your partner is happy to spend time with your family and wants you to be a part of theirs! We all joke about the evil mother-in-law, but in reality, you know that they are ‘The One’ when both of your respective families feel safe that you are going to take care of each other.

They know your quirks

the one

Clare and Steve’s gorgeous wedding!

When they’re ‘The One’, they will know what makes you tick. When you eat out together it should be automatic for them to take the mushrooms off of your plate because you can’t stand them and they should never have to ask what to buy for your birthday – they usually know what will make you smile.

You aren’t worried about being perfect

the one

Amanda’s bouquets, see more here.

When the moment comes when you no longer rush out of bed in the morning to brush your hair and gargle with mouthwash it is a good indicator that he is ‘The One’. He loves you for who you are and not even the worst morning breath or bed head can scare him off! Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t want beautiful hair and makeup on your wedding day!

Silence isn’t awkward

the one

Emma and Adam’s perfect day here.

If they are truly ‘The One’ then you don’t have to worry about those weird silences. You should be able to sit in companionable silence each with your own thoughts. It doesn’t mean someone is in a bad mood. It’s just comfortable quiet time.

They accept you

the one

See this gorgeous bride here.

You are the person that they fell in love with, so they don’t need to push you to change. They accept those quirks even if they infuriate them because that is what makes you theirs! It won’t matter that you can’t cook or that you leave make-up stains on the towels because they love you!

They’re not shiny like you expected

the one

Even if you don’t actually have a type so to speak, there is a good chance that at some stage in your life you imagined what your future spouse would be like. However, what we think we want and what we actually need are very different. The chances are that when you do meet your soulmate, they are probably nothing like the one you imagined, but we guarantee this is a completely normal thing!

Maybe you won’t be able to check off all of these, but if you notice most of them in your relationship then there is a good chance that they are indeed ‘The One’ and you could very well find yourself walking down the aisle sometime in the not too distant future!

If he has already popped the question, then it’s time to start wedding planning!


Gift ideas for your groom

Gift ideas for your groom

Many modern couples will cohabit long before they marry, although many still spend the night before their wedding apart. This long night of separation and preparation means that the moment of meeting each other at the end of an aisle becomes infused with extra emotion.

A way to send your love without breaking the tradition of staying apart is to send your groom a gift, usually accompanied with a small note on the morning of your wedding. It’s a way of sharing your excitement at your impending marriage, reassuring him that you’re thinking of him and simply of expressing your love.

If you choose to send a token of affection on the morning of your wedding, choosing just the right gift can be tricky. Check out our favourite gift ideas for your groom below and get inspired.

Wedding cufflinks


Classic, small, and something he can wear as part of his wedding outfit, cufflinks are a traditional and compact gift for the one you love. Make things personal by choosing a design that means something to the two of you or have them inscribed with the date and your initials.

Rhian and Greg's Country Chic Wedding

Rhian and Greg’s Country Chic Wedding


This may seem like a strange choice of gift but it’s a budget choice that can make him smile if you don’t take it too seriously. Choose a design that reflects his interests, perhaps his favourite sports team or go for a eye popping design. Combine this with a sweet note about putting his best foot forward and you have a purse friendly gift with bags of charm.

A tie pin

Tie Pins are becoming increasingly popular for both grooms and more generally in men’s formal wear. For a completely unique design, scour vintage shops for an old pin that has retained its charm or have one specially made just for him. Remember to match it to your colour scheme and his outfit if you want him to wear it on the day.

Concert Gig

An experience

What do you buy the man who has everything? If you’re struggling to find a tangible gift your groom will love then why not give him an experience. Book tickets for your favourite band on your first post wedding date night or schedule a special trip on your honeymoon. Something you can enjoy as a couple could have much more value than a gift that ends up in a drawer somewhere.

Groom Watch

A watch

If you have room in your budget a nice watch is something he can treasure for years to come and enjoy nearly every day. Pick a style that suits his personality and wardrobe, have it engraved with a special message and package it beautifully. The thought of him wearing something personal, close to his skin, always, is a powerful one.

A book

If you’re man is a book fiend then hunting down the perfect volume can mean the world. Collections of vintage marriage advice are a funny and sweet way to nod to the traditions of the past, while a first edition of a much-loved novel could blow his mind. Include a message in the jacket if it’s not likely to destroy the value of a rare find!

A wedding Survival Kit

If a personal and funny gift is what you have in mind then the wedding survival kit could be the right choice for you. Put together a box with all the things your groom needs to get through the day in one piece. A tot of whisky, a guide to small talk and plasters for his dancing blisters are all nice things to include but you can completely tailor this to your groom.


Personalised wedding artwork is everywhere at the moment and it can be a unique way of recognising your journey together. It might be a framed map of where you met, the cover of the first single you danced to or an illustration of your favourite picture together as a couple. This is a statement gift that you can make part of your home together.

Leather Bound Journal

A love journal

This is one for the unfailing romantics everywhere. For the month or even year prior to your wedding fill a journal with notes of your special moments together, things he has said that have made you feel loved and snapshots or doodles. It might have him welling up in front of his groomsmen but it’s something he will treasure.

A present for your groom is a lovely way to recognise the huge step you are about to take together. Whatever you choose, keep it personal and fill it with love.


Easy ways to cut your wedding guest list size

Easy ways to cut your wedding guest list size

If you have a large family and lots of friends in your life trying to squeeze everyone into a hundred person or less venue can be a huge ask. Here are some easy ways to cut your wedding guest list size without the headache.

It’s time to take a deep breath and adopt a practical view. It’s very easy to turn your wedding into an exercise in making everyone else happy. Your wedding is about you, what you want, what you can afford and who you want to share it with. Ask yourself these important questions to cut your wedding guest list down to size.

Piggybank Bride

What’s your budget?

You may have a thousand close friends you would love to be at your wedding but just how much can you afford to spend per head? Break your wedding budget into chunks and uncover your realistic per head spend. Of course, there are lots of ways to reduce your budget per person but if you have dreamt of spoiling your wedding guests then you need to be sensible with numbers. Around £30 to £50 is the average wedding spend per guest. You might also want to consider here, who is footing the bill? If one or both your parents are paying for a portion of the wedding then it’s sensible to include them in discussions.


Find the perfect wedding invitations for your big day here.

Who do you see?

You may have been best friends when you are 11 but how often do you see each other now? Create a huge list of all your potential guests and cut immediately anyone you haven’t seen or spoken to in the last 12 months. There are no points for having hundreds upon hundreds of guests turn up at your wedding, it will simply mean you don’t get an opportunity to speak to the people you really care about. This goes for relatives too, if you haven’t seen your third cousin for 15 years, why is he on your list?!

What works with your venue?

Your beautiful listed venue is going to make an amazing backdrop but how many people can you fit in? When you are choosing your venue, you often have to make a choice between space and charm. Decide what matters most to you, have an ideal number of guests in your head and work to a clear plan. If you fall in love with somewhere on the small side you need to brave and stick to a tight list.

kids Wedding

Could you go adults only?

This one is a little controversial but it can significantly reduce your numbers if you make your event an adult only affair. Children fill up a lot of seats at weddings and if these aren’t children you are very close too then it can be a useful way to ease the pressure on your numbers and your budget. This is one day you get to choose who makes the cut. If this is an option you’re exploring make sure you give guests who are parents plenty of notice to arrange a babysitter. A few might be pleased with the excuse for a night off!

Who needs a plus one?

It’s customary to extend an extra invite to single guests at your wedding to bring someone along for the day. If this means your reception will be half full of people you don’t know, maybe think again. It’s a straightforward way to reduce numbers and is a step you can take that usually won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Make sure you plan tables sensitively to ensure your single friends are surrounded with people they know and don’t end up isolated in a sea of couples.

Happy Guests

Who makes a difference?

This a great question to ask yourself when you’re staring at a list of names, red pen in hand. For each person who is on there, think about how it would make you feel if they couldn’t attend. Those who are going to make a tangible difference to your enjoyment of your wedding always go in the must keep pile before anyone else.

Your wedding means you get to choose who makes the cut. Go with your gut and be surrounded by everyone you love the most on the day.


6 movie themed wedding ideas

6 movie themed wedding ideas

Do you want to turn your wedding into a red carpet worthy event? You can add a sprinkle of movie magic to your day by picking a playful cinematic theme that adds to your glamour factor. Here are 6 movie themed wedding ideas for inspiration.

Lexi and James' Black Tie Wedding

Lexi and James’ Black Tie Wedding

The oscars comes to town

Go all out with a night of black tie glamour and your very own red carpet. Issue ticket style admissions, open a champagne bar and run a projector with all your greatest hits. This is a great excuse to get your guests to really go for it on the dress up front and give your wedding a different vibe from more traditional receptions. The sky really is the limit when it comes to this theme, from mini Oscar statuette name holders to celebrity look alikes who mingle with the crowd. Go as full on as you dare or just give a subtle not to this most glamorous of film events.

A classic musical number

The golden age of Hollywood musicals in the 40’s and 50’s spawned some of the greatest film classics in memory, from Singing in The Rain to South Pacific and Gentleman Prefer Blondes. There really is no end of source material for inspiration and no end of classic tracks to provide the soundtrack for your day. If you have the moves why not impress with a flash mob that harks back to Astaire, Rodgers, and Kelly. Use classic film quotes on every table and a 40’s inspired look for the wedding party, don’t forget the retro cocktails for an authentic feel.

Kate and Simon's Superhero Wedding

Kate and Simon’s Superhero Wedding

A superhero flick

Are you both obsessed with Superhero movies, graphic novels, and geek culture? If the answer is an enormous YES then why not let that obsession fuel your wedding day? Choose superhero cupcakes for favours and design each table around one of your favourite characters. You can also add a spot of comic book styling to your shoes or bouquet with comic book prints or colour themes. The primary colours of the superhero world make a bright, fun and impactful statement at your wedding.

Zara and James' Picnic Wedding

Zara and James’ Picnic Wedding

Alice in wonderland

You don’t want to be late for the very important date that is your wedding! Alice in Wonderland makes the perfect match for a vintage inspired styling theme. Make your reception a mad hatters tea party and choose croquet as an outdoor entertainment for your guests. Go for a short tea length dress to complete the feel and design a cake inspired by all of Alice’s adventure. This creates a stunning visual centrepiece that your guest will love.

Red wine and roses


Are you looking for gothic glamour at your reception? Channel Edward and Bella’s dramatic love story through a darkly sophisticated theme with a nod to the horror genre. Choose an elegant evening gown in blood red and use the soundtrack from the films to add moody romance to your entrance and first dance. For the wedding breakfast, think goblets, silver candelabras and decadent crimson flower displays. This can be subtle, romantic and is perfect for a winter wedding.


Make like Grease Lightning with a 50’s Americana theme at your wedding. If he really is the one that you want, choose pink lady bridesmaid dresses and make an entrance in a classic Cadillac. A jukebox, milkshakes and French fries are all ways to embellish the theme. Style wedding stationary as vintage vinyl and choose junk food inspired canapes to complete the look. This idea is fun, frothy and opens up a whole world of amazing musical choices for your reception. You won’t be able to keep guests off the dance floor when ‘You Are the One That I Want’ starts to play.

A movie theme can up the fun factor of your wedding, allow you to express your love for your favourite film and make your wedding stand out from the crowd. What are you waiting for? Lights, Camera, Marry.


Outfit ideas for non traditional brides

Outfit ideas for non traditional brides

Weddings and wedding dresses go together like, well, weddings and dresses! Ever since Queen Victoria strolled down the aisle in white over 100 years ago, pale, recognisably bridal gowns have been a must-have for women everywhere. In recent years, though, a growing number of brides have been turning their back on convention by going for distinctly non traditional options or turning their back on dresses altogether. Even celebrity brides are getting in on this look, see Solange Knowles and Olivia Palermo for some serious style inspiration. Whether you’re keen to find a dress that doesn’t fit the bridal mould or want to take a completely different route for your wedding outfit, find our favourite non traditional looks below.

Solange Knowles

The Jumpsuit

Over the last few years, jumpsuits have been everywhere on our high street so it’s no surprise they have stolen our hearts when it comes to bridal wear as well. Choosing a white, ivory, or lace jumpsuit is a way of embracing tradition whilst providing a thoroughly modern twist on the theme. This look can be every bit as glamorous and head turning as a gown with the added benefit of allowing you to throw way more shapes on the dance floor.

Thurza and Michael's Intimate Wedding

Thurza and Michael’s Intimate Wedding

The Separates

A beautiful skirt and top combo can sometimes trump the most elegant dress. This look allows you mix and match colours while creating extra impact on the aisle. If you have found and fallen in love with a skirt, top or even trousers, why not build the rest of your outfit around it? Be bold, be individual, and look utterly beautiful.

JoJo and Andy's Steampunk Wedding

JoJo and Andy’s Steampunk Wedding

The Colour Pop

Do white and ivory leave you yawning? You’re not alone, colour is slowly creeping onto the bridal catwalks and we love it. From stunning ombre dresses to florals and pinks, there are all manner of multi-coloured options out there. You can even be your own something blue. If you have a favourite colour that you just love to wear, embrace it. This is a day for celebrating the things that matter to you.

The Trouser-Suit

Suits and trousers have been a key part of a women’s wardrobe for the last 60 or so years, so why are we so nervous about getting married in them? If you love elegant tailoring and classic styling this may be exactly the right look for you. Forget that wedding rulebook, make your own style choices and feel completely yourself on your wedding day.

Lisa and Christopher's Halloween Wedding

Lisa and Christopher’s Halloween Wedding

Go Sheer

When Kim Kardashian opted for a semi-sheer wedding dress the internet was watching. Now sheer designs are a confirmed wedding trend and this can be a way of adding a little of the unconventional to your bridal ensemble. This look creates an easy bohemian vibe that translates well to a destination wedding.

Never been a dressy dress kind of a girl? Don’t worry, there are plenty of options out there and you get to choose what wedding style means to you. Pick what you love and take as much or little from tradition as you need.

Even better, have your garment made specifically for your wedding!


10 edible wedding favours your guests will love

10 edible wedding favours your guests will love

The days of dull sugared almonds are thankfully long over. Wedding favours or bombonieres are now a way to both show off your creativity and provide a heartfelt thank you to your guests for attending your wedding. Edible wedding favours are something that guests can enjoy almost immediately and won’t get lost or gather dust in a drawer. They also offer an easy way to tie your favours into your theme. Picking edible wedding favours is a choice that is both a crowd pleaser and reflects the food you enjoy as a couple. Check out the ideas below, for edible wedding favours your guests will love.

A Hot Chocolate Kit

Hot chocolate kits are a fun and interactive way for guests to enjoy your wedding favour. Solid chocolate is set on sticks which can be presented in decorative bags or packages. You can add in marshmallows, sprinkles or cookies to create a mini kit that will then be stirred into hot milk for a warming drink. Perfect for a winter wedding where you can make hot chocolate part of your evening festivities.

Brown cup with cocoa and marshmallow in the hands of the girl. Manicure gel nail.

Personalised Rock

Planning a seaside or vintage themed affair? Have your names or initials printed through a stick of seaside rock. This remarkably affordable is kooky, kitsch and very cool. You can even choose colours that correspond with your theme! Pair up with ‘Kiss Me Quick’ hats or wacky shades for an interactive table display.



Something sweet to celebrate a sweet occasion! Jars of candyfloss are a stunning visual addition to your tables and are perfect for a reception which takes pink as its accent colour. Up the fun by providing guests with dainty sticks to twirl their mini candyfloss around. Top it all off with pink ribbon and a heart shaped label for a very girly treat.

edible wedding favours

UK Wedding Favours


No one does refined elegance like the French and this tasty patisserie will add a touch of ‘Ooh la la’ to your favours. Create presentation boxes for a single larger macaron or combine mini rainbow coloured pastries in beautiful packaging for your guests.

edible wedding favours

Oast House Gifts

Artisan Chocolates

Nothing is more crowd pleasing than good chocolate but it can sometimes feel like a safe or dull option. Mix things up a little by asking a chocolatier to create personalised or stylish chocolates for your wedding. You can even add in bling with gold or silver leaf!

edible wedding favours

Lauren and Robert’s Rustic Wedding

Honey Pots

Honey represents collaboration and unity and what better symbol for the start of your marriage? Choose good quality, local and organic honey that will make a real treat for your guest. Present in vintage jars with homemade labels for a rustic feel.


Olive Oil

Not only is this an incredibly practical gift, it is also an economical, DIY favour that you can stretch between a large number of guests. Place a sprig of your favourite herb in a small bottle and decant with olive oil. Do this a few weeks before the wedding, for fragrant herby oil that you can provide to each guest.

edible wedding favours

Sarah and Simon’s English Wedding With a Twist

Drink Me Bottles

Do you have a favourite tipple? Create Alice inspired drink me bottles complete with blue glass and labels, filled with a beverage of your choice. Choose spirits like gin and vodka for an alcoholic take on this favour. Just remember to provide an alcohol-free version filled with sparkling elderflower cordial or similar for none drinkers and children.


Cheese and Crackers

This is the perfect favour for those guests who are prone to late night munchies. Package a small block of your favourite cheese alongside chutney and crackers for a favour they can snack on! This is another economical one for large numbers, buy everything in bulk and package it up separately.


Toffee Apple

What could be more lovely for an autumnal wedding than a toffee apple.? Simple and cheap to make, the kids will love them and you can decorate with simple ribbon to tie into your table theme.

edible wedding favours

Your wedding favours should be a small something to show guests you care, but you can go wild with ideas to make them personal to you. Think of your favourite things to indulge on and design favours that reflect your unique tastes and personality. Most of all, have fun with them! This is one area of your wedding where you can go silly.


Digital Weddings – using technology to enhance your day

Digital Weddings – using technology to enhance your day

In a digital world, many aspects of weddings remain stubbornly low-tech. Built on the back of centuries of tradition it can be tough to fit the technological alongside the timeless. A little digital, though, can be a very good thing. Smart use of tech can help you at every stage of your wedding from planning to capturing the story of the day itself. Why not embrace digital weddings?! Check out the ideas below to make your wedding a thoroughly modern affair!

Happy Laptop Woman Digital Weddings

Be an online planner

Your bridal journal may be pretty but for keeping a million and one wedding ideas in order you can’t beat online planning tools. At Easy Weddings, we have everything you need to plan your intimate do or epic event. Save your favourite suppliers, organise seating charts, and keep a close eye on your budget from one easy to use dashboard. You can even create your own wedding website, allowing guests to access information about your day and keep up to date with all your wedding news.

Claire and Ben's Traditional Wedding Digital Weddings

Claire and Ben’s Traditional Wedding

Crowdsource your inspiration

Why spend your time flipping through tired old wedding mags when you can fall down the rabbit hole of online look books? Create a Pinterest board of all your favourite dresses, hair styles, and bouquets or uncover some Instagram bridal stars for inspiration. Be sure to drop in on our Real Weddings feature to find beautiful real life weddings to swoon over.


Embrace e-vites

Taking your invites online you can reduce your wedding spend and have a positive impact on the environment. Online invites don’t have to be dull, you can still use beautiful graphics, a personalised message, and even animations or videos to ensure your guests receive something special. This idea also makes organising your RSVPs a breeze. Or, if you love the idea of posting out lush paper invites, do “save the dates” online to save some of your budget and get the best of both worlds!

Sheila and Andy's Traditional Wedding Digital Weddings

Sheila and Andy’s Traditional Wedding

Make your photos epic

The leap forward in imaging tech is the perfect opportunity to make your wedding photos something special. Have your photographer use a drone to grab photos from impossible angles and create aerial shots of your guests. You can even take advantage of a Go Pro snuck into your bouquet or his cravat to get an up close and personal live stream. Speaking of live streams, there is no excuse in an age of video calling not to broadcast your ceremony to those special friends and relatives who couldn’t make it on the day.

Chloe and Matt's Chinese Rustic Wedding Digital Weddings

Chloe and Matt’s Chinese Rustic Wedding

Don’t forget the selfie stick

Disposable cameras used to be the way to collect those off-guard moments that share your guest’s silly side. Now, when the idea of taking film to be developed seems like ancient history, add a selfie stick to each table instead. This is an easy and budget-friendly to break the ice and ensure you have a ready supply of fun photos on your Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Digital Weddings

Laura and Adie’s Glasgow Meets London Wedding

Create a wedding #

Like it or loathe it social media is central to how we communicate right now. Creating a wedding hashtag gives guests an opportunity to add to your wedding timeline for an informal and memorable story of your day. You will end up with a collection of hilarious, beautiful and sweet posts that make you smile come the morning after. Get your hashtag trending by adding it to chalkboards at your venue or making it part of your table decorations.

3D Print your cake topper

This may seem like something from the future but 3D Print in cake and food design is huge. Create intricate decorations you could only have imagined with this amazing technology. Want the bride and groom on top of your cake to look absolutely lifelike? It’s now possible through 3D Printing. Add your cat, dog, and even a model of your house to the centrepiece of your wedding with 3D design.

Digital Weddings

Make your venue a photoscape

Sometimes beautiful wedding photos can end up stuck in an album gathering dust when they should be enjoyed and cherished. Make these images central to your event by projecting them across the walls, ceiling or floor of your reception venue. This is a magical way to transition into your evening reception. You can tie this idea to your social media feeds by displaying images and messages uploaded via your hashtag in the same way.

Digital Weddings


Your wedding should reflect who you are. If you’re a couple obsessed with the next big thing, open the door on technology and let a little digital fairy dust in on your day.


3 wedding cake suppliers in London you’ll adore

3 wedding cake suppliers in London you’ll adore

We here at Easy Weddings know it can be difficult to decide on a wedding cake supplier. However, worry not! We’ve compiled a list of our favourite wedding cakes in London to take the stress out of your decision.

london wedding cakes

Browse our favourite wedding cake suppliers

Katja’s Cakes

See reviews | Sussex and Greater London

Combining art with dessert, Katja’s Cakes offers a fun alternative to the usual traditional wedding cake. Handcrafted and hand piped with love, these cakes are custom made for each individual couple, so your cake is uniquely yours to enjoy.

london wedding cakes

See more of Katja’s Cakes here

Boutique Cookie’s Cakes

See reviews | London City

Working as a Pastry Sous Chef out of one of the most famous hotels in London, Boutique Cookie’s Cakes offers hard work and devotion to deliver a cake fit for your special day. Suggesting the sky is the limit, this wedding cake supplier promises to delight and fulfil couples expecting only the very best for their wedding day.

london wedding cakes

Check out more from Boutique Cookie’s Cakes

Sweet Bea’s Bakery

See reviews | London City

Situated in the heart of London, Sweet Bea’s Bakery offers lovingly handmade cakes and cupcakes for your special day. Their cakes are never frozen, as to maximise all potential flavour. Sweet Bea’s Bakery believes in using only the best ingredients in their creations, so you can expect organic ingredients to be used in the creation of your wedding cake. Because of this point of difference, Sweet Bea’s Bakery provides a truly unique, special, and – of course – delicious cake for your guests to enjoy.

london wedding cakes