8 ways to personalise your wedding

8 ways to personalise your wedding

Why not personalise your wedding? It’s a key part of creating a day that matters to your both. The key to getting personalisation right is finding something that matters to you both and concentrating on a small number of details to add personality to your day without overpowering your theme. This is an area to get creative and reflect on what makes you tick as a couple.

Personalise your wedding

If you have a shared passion, a funny anecdote about how you met or a much-loved pet then weave that into your wedding story. Check out the ideas below to add a personal touch to your wedding planning.

Jodie and Marc Rustic Wedding

Jodie and Marc Rustic Wedding

Create unique jewellery

Designing your own jewellery is a lasting way to create a memory for you both to share on your wedding day. This might mean you design your own rings to be made or create matching cufflinks and earrings. Utilise engraving to add your initials, date, and a message or lyric that is highly personal to you. Your guests might not notice these small touches but it will mean the world to you both.

Rachelle and Rory's Festival Wedding

Rachelle and Rory’s Festival Wedding

Tell your story through pictures

Adding pictures of your past to the wedding venue, as part of the table decorations, a pin board at the drinks reception or carefully arranged in a bespoke artwork is a way to recognise your past and the journey you have taken to your wedding day. Guests will love poring over old pictures and it adds a romantic touch to your day.

Jo and Ben's Country Wedding

Jo and Ben’s Country Wedding

Involve your pet

Our pets are often a huge part of who we are so why shouldn’t they be involved in the wedding day? Your dog or cat might make the perfect ring bearer and if they can’t be there in person then name a table after them, involve their image in your decorations or create a cocktail in their honour!


Serve your favourite junk food

Everyone has an indulgent snack that they crave. Whether you are pizza addicts or can’t resist a Chinese take-away, serve your favourite foods at your wedding. While a slice might not have the right impact at your wedding breakfast it could make the perfect mid-reception pick me up.

Make a movie

Digital technology means making your own movie to play at your wedding is easy. Paste together home videos, photos or extracts from your favourite films that reflect your feelings for each other. Add a soundtrack and generally get creative to make a piece of moving art that is all about you! You can use this during the speeches, project it against a wall at the venue or make it part of your drinks reception.

Write your own vows

Writing your vows is one of the most intimate ways to personalise your wedding. This can feel intimidating but it also provides a rare opportunity to publically share how you feel about each other. Write from the heart and ask a friend with an eye for great prose help you edit and polish. Practice before the big day and remember that waterproof mascara is a must!

Design your own emblem

If you’re an arty type or know someone who is, this can be an elegant and stylish way to add a little more of the both of you to your wedding day. Create a design using your initials and symbols that have a special meaning to you and then sprinkle it liberally throughout your wedding. It could be used on your napkins, as part of your table design or even as a floor decal. With a little forward planning, you can use the same symbol on your wedding stationary, creating a thread that runs throughout your whole wedding.

Stack of rose champagne glasses on table in wedding party

Be your own drink

Designing a cocktail, punch, or soft drink named after yourself is an increasingly popular and fun way to personalise your wedding. You can combine your favourite flavours into one drink or each design a unique taste that represents you individually. This is a great talking point at a drinks reception and an ever-better excuse to spend a lot of time trying out different combinations!

Get personal with your wedding and build a day that shouts about who you are as a couple.


How to arrange a hen party on a budget

How to arrange a hen party on a budget

We’ve all had those emails. Those cheery and well-meaning communications from a chief bridesmaid who has organised a fun-filled weekend in an exotic location, all with a price tag that would just about cover your rent. Feeling priced out of a close friend’s hen is a common occurrence and having to stretch your credit card to breaking point to cover the cost of a party can set the wrong tone well before you arrive.

If you’re arranging your own hen or you’re trying to find a more budget friendly options for one of your favourite brides to be, don’t despair. It’s possible to arrange an economical hen that is every bit as much fun as a lavish one. Read on for hen party ideas that won’t blow your budget.

Group Of Female Friends Enjoying Meal In Restaurant

Keep it local

There seems to be an expectation that unless a hen takes place outside of your home town it doesn’t really count as a hen. This just isn’t true! Travelling to somewhere new is a great adventure but there are definite advantages to staying close to home. Not only will you save a huge chunk of the budget that you would otherwise blow on hotels and travel, it means that you know all the best spots to go for drinks, food, and dancing. Treat the hen at her favourite restaurant and fill the day with local activities you know she will love.

Woman toasting with sparkling wine and champagne

Make it a house party

You can create the ultimate hen party without even opening your front door. Put together a knockout playlist, go wild with decorations and transform your home into the ultimate venue. Here no one minds if you dance in bare feet, sing like a loon or end up falling asleep in the bath. You can customise this idea with a DIY spa area, karaoke room, and cocktail bar to make your hen feel truly spoilt on her big night.

Happy friends partying on the rooftop with drinks and sparklers

Keep a tight guest list

When did 30 guests become better than 10? The hen industry has mushroomed in recent years and the perception is often that bigger is better. The truth is more people simply increases your per head spend so keep it to the really special ladies in your hen’s life and make everything more wallet friendly. It means the soon to be bride will spend more time interacting with those people that really matter and it gives you greater flexibility on venue and activities.


DIY where you can

This is where knowing the right people can make all the difference to your budget. Know a makeup artist or masseuse? Get them to provide their services at a reduced cost or for free. Have a friend who is particularly crafty? Ask them to lead a making session. Pool your resources as a group to make a truly personal hen that she won’t forget. This also rings true when it comes to invitations, costumes, props or games, make them yourself (if you have time) to save a little of your budget.

Make it one night only

A hen do doesn’t have to span a whole weekend. Keeping activities to one day or one evening can drop the cost by a third or more. Plus, this reduces the risk of people getting bored, grumpy, arguing or generally causing a headache for the organiser. Make that single day or night as special as you can to ramp up the impact of your event whilst saving costs.



Hire an expert

The thought of using a hen party company may have you sweating at the prospect of the final bill but it can be an economical option if done smartly. Agree on a budget beforehand with all the attendees and provide this to the company alongside a wish list of things the hen would love. Their relationship with suppliers and accommodation providers often means they can negotiate a better deal than you would get directly and they know where to trim your ideas to get the most within your budget.

Happy hen party do girls partying on rooftop terrace

A successful hen party doesn’t have to cost the earth. Be open and honest with your group of girls and agree on a budget that everyone feels comfortable with. As long as the hen is having a great time it doesn’t matter where you are or what you are doing. Think imaginatively and step outside of the box to create an event everyone will remember!